Enbeam OM4 4 Core Internal/External Loose Tube CST Armoured Fibre Cable | Blue

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Product Overview

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  • 4 Core.
  • OM4 Multimode 50/125.
  • Loose Tube.
  • CST Armoured.
  • Available in reels up to 2km.
  • Duct grade - rodent resistant.
  • UV Resistant.
  • Sequentially meter marked.
  • Euroclass Eca.

Enbeam OM4 4 Core internal/external loose tube CST armoured fibre cable has been designed specifically for applications requiring a high degree of mechanical protection.

This fibre cable is constructed from standard single loose tube cables which are then packed into a flexible but strong fibreglass water blocking strength member.

This fibre cable is compact, lightweight, extremely rugged, rodent resistant and is quick & easy to install.

The print legend on the cable now includes information regarding the DOP number, test and classification of the cable for traceability.

Number of Cores 4
Type of tube Loose tube
Number of fibres per tube 4
Fibre type Multi mode 50/125
Category OM4
Armouring yes
Rodent resistant yes
Outer sheath material Copolymer, thermoplastic (LS0H)
Outer sheath colour Blue
Reaction-to-fire class according to EN 13501-6 Eca
Halogen free (acc. EN 60754-1/2) yes
Flame retardant In accordance with EN 50399
Outer diameter approx. 8.4 mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review